Wednesday, September 12

September 12, 2012

Life is good!  New milestones, new adventures, and many changes to come.  Our world is ever changing, but it is a great time to be alive.  Being able to stay connected to people via modern technology continues to blow my mind, but I really love it.  Recently, I returned to school and  have found that most of my work for class is done on the computer.  Though challenging and overwhelming at first, I can now say that I am thoroughly enjoying it.  Thankfully, I can always rely on the tutoring of my children to get me through the rough spots.  

Speaking of children, it is hard believe that my son Brian will be graduating from high school this year. We have been touring colleges, getting the necessary paperwork together and will soon sit down to get the applications rolling.  We are relishing each senior year activity, knowing it is going by all too fast.
My daughter Bonnie is a sophomore this year.  She got her driver's license this summer and is loving her new found freedom.  Between her very active social life and her dance involvement...she is on the go all the time!

My heart is so grateful to be here for these milestones.  This month marks my 7th year anniversary of lung cancer.  So many people have guided me, supported me, loved me and prayed for me through these seven years and I am very thankful.  My kind, loving and most patient husband, has been right here with me through my journey of revamping my entire lifestyle. Though he may not jump on every band wagon, he is extremely supportive in helping me achieve my goals.  I am blessed.

With school, my leisure time is... non-existent.  Our extreme temperatures and drought made that transition rather easy this summer.  Thankfully, I will be done with phase I, in my back to school mission, by March.  This will give me enough time to prepare for Brian's graduation celebration.

Our lives are very full and rewarding.  We are all enjoying excellent health and happiness!  I cannot ask for more than that!!!  

I am posting a couple pictures of Brian and Bonnie.  One is from homecoming 2011, and one is from our summer vacation to NYC.

My best to you, 


Homecoming (Sept. 2011)

Central Park (July, 2012)

Friday, January 14

January 14, 2011

I could not have asked for a better ending to 2010. Our trip to Lake Tahoe was perfect. Our cabin had a breathtakingly beautiful view of the lake and mountains. I took so many pictures from the upper deck because the view was ever changing. My birthday dream was to be in a cabin with snow, wow.. what a cabin and snow ..snow ..snow. It was wonderful! In fact, one day after my sister and family left I was taking Napper and the kids to a different ski resort. The road down was so pretty through the mountains with fresh snow and one of my favorite songs.. Louie Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" came on the radio. WOW so cool!

We were so grateful for this family trip and the company of my sister Dee, my niece's Casey and Allie and my nephew Chris. We also enjoyed the company of Brian's friend Isaac. He was Brian's snowboard partner. They snowboarded nearly every day and could walk to Heavenly from our cabin. (Which was good because we were snowed in for a day)

For me this trip really marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life. As much as I have grown and learned these past five years I am ready to take that experience and move forward.
Who knows what the future holds, but I am definitely on board and ready to find out.

Of course I have included some photos of our trip. My sister and I schemed in advance to get everyone matching pjs, so I had to include that photo. So fun.

My wish for you is a happpppppy , healllllthy , peacccceful New Year!

love, Denise

Saturday, December 18

50th Birthday

"I wish for love, bliss, grace, contentment, clarity, insight, abundance, joy, laughter, lightness, magic, wonder, miracles, peace, passion, rest, quiet, harmony, enthusiasm, connectedness, patience, fortitude, presence, compassion, levity, sparkles and spunk. I wish these things for you and me. Let it be! "

I loved Steffany Barton's birthday wishes so much I am posting them as mine.

My daughter Bonnie's
birthday card to me:

"I know a woman of strength and beauty... I have watched her for years."
"She is my mother"
"Happy Birthday"

Thank you for all the kind and loving birthday wishes. I feel so blessed.

With love in my heart,

Sunday, November 21

November 21, 2010

Cousins ...cousins and more cousins

So many of my posts from year to year, season to season seem repetitive, I guess that is because they are. Napper and I decided early on in our parenting lives that we wanted to have traditions for the kids. Neither of our families live close by so we wanted to create other special memories for Brian & Bonnie to always hold dear from their childhoods. Many of those traditions have centered around the holidays. Well this year we are shaking things up. We have handed off the turkey roaster to our Colorado family and are heading out there for Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to a rocky mountain holiday. The guys are hoping to do a little snowboarding, and me some cross country skiing. We also look forward to visiting with my parents, the O'Connells and our friends the Driscolls. Sooo grateful.

Our next big adventure will be shaking up our Christmas schedule. Of course we will still make our traditional anise cookies... the kids wouldn't tolerate skipping that for any reason. But we will throw in some extra travel. On Christmas day we are leaving for Tahoe and will be there through New Years Day. When my husband asked what I wanted to do for my 50th birthday, I said "I just want to be in a cabin somewhere with snow." So that is our destination. Bonus for Brian because he has always wanted to ski Heavenly.

I am extremely grateful for these opportunities to be with my family. Watching Brian & Bonnie grow and mature these past five years are prayers answered. It has been such a privilege to be their parents. So many moments, both wonderful and difficult, over these past years where I have thought to my self..." wow, I'm so glad to be here for this.." Having lung cancer has given me a heightened awareness of just how fragile and precious life, and love can be. As much as that vulnerability used to scare me, I now know that with God's love we can endure.

Our past months have been filled with life. It all goes by so quickly, Highlights of the past months have been our vacation to Mishawaka in June, summer visits from Napper's sisters Mary and Colleen with their children and grandchildren, Brian's confirmation into the Catholic church, Brian's soccer season, Marching band, and Bonnie's dance activities. I have added some photos from these life events. Happy Thanksgiving.



Wednesday, November 3

November 3, 2010

When I started this journey five years ago, the odds were that I would not make it to my 46th birthday, let alone my 50th, but here I am healthy, thriving and hopefully contributing in a positive way. I am extremely grateful to continue my role as a wife and mother, most especially, and all the other hats I wear throughout the day. I have felt a an obligation to evaluate, understand, improve etc. myself over these past years. At first, I focused my efforts on improving my physical health through diet and exercise and though crucial to my well being, are only a part of my mission. The past couple years I have felt a need to reconnect with my past. I have met with people from my childhood, had reunions with family, classmates, and friends. I have consciously put energy into healing pain I had stuffed from years past. Let me tell you, If you have never taken that time for yourself, I highly recommend it. It is very freeing!

Thank you for your support, prayers, encouragement, faith and love over these past five years. I am truly blessed.

Most sincerely,


P.S. I have posted two pictures from days gone by, my kindergarten photo, and a photo taken (1990) by my grandmother of me and my devoted buddy of 16 years ..Kelly

Friday, February 12

February 12, 2010

2010 is another big year. This year I will celebrate my 50th birthday and I WILL celebrate the five year anniversary of my lung cancer diagnosis. Wow! I met with my oncologist last week. She said, after my next scan and blood work this summer, she will cut me loose. I asked, What then.... she said, "you will live your life"...really...WOW!!!! I had never thought that far ahead, and quite frankly, I was blown away... in a very good way!!! Later that day in the grocery store as I pushed my cart around with my perma grin, believe or not, the song .."I will survive" was playing over head. It took every bit of composure I had to not dance and sing around the store with my cart. It made me laugh and it still makes me laugh to think about it. Of course when I told Brian & Bonnie about it later, they needed definite confirmation that I had not danced. Welcome to the world of teenagers. Ha Ha.

Life has been full these past months. Brian's participation in marching band and soccer kept us hopping this fall. Bonnie has been busy with competitive cheer team and dance. Her only day off is Friday. (ours too) So we do a lot of running. Thank goodness for carpools. Of course we always throw in plenty of travel to fill in the gaps. In November, my sister and I did our now traditional girls trip to Patagonia, Arizona and the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. It was great. Also that month, I was flown by husband Matt to Boulder, Colorado to surprise wife Nancy for her 50th birthday. I loved loved loved reconnecting with them and their family that weekend, as well as friend Sue Dickey. In December we drove to Minnesota and did double duty with a family wedding and Curley Family Christmas party. We had so much fun, and the timing worked out perfectly, because the next weekend K.C. was hit with a big snow storm and very frigid temperatures.

So far this year, we have managed to squeeze in a little travel. Napper and I took a quick trip to Puerto Vallarto, Mexico. We were there three full days. It was great to soak up the sun, read, listen to the ocean and breathe the salty, humid air.

Now looking forward to another road trip to Florida. Last fall, Napper purchased a "vintage"
motor home and we are going to drive it to Florida for spring break. We have reserved a camp site on the beach. Should be a riot. Walmart parking lots... here we come.

I continue to practice eating a raw, alkaline diet with lots and lots of organic green veggies. I feel great eating this way and continue to incorporate more of this way of eating into my kid's diets. They are very receptive. I hope to some day educate myself enough to be able to teach other people the benefits of this lifestyle. Exercise continues to be an important part of my routine. Recently, I was trying to help Bonnie condition and increase her stamina. She kicked my butt... and it turned out that she was the one pushing me. So okay, in my age group, I am in pretty good shape.

I have tagged on photos that journal our last months. Hope all is well in your lives. Thanks for caring about mine.

love, Denise

Wednesday, September 2

September 2, 2009


Where's the heat. Our summer is nearly over and we never got the long stretches of hot Missouri weather. Fine by me. It has been an awesome summer, and a walk down memory lane for me. One of the things I have wanted to do since I had kids was to someday take them to Alaska. Since I had spent a few years there in the 1980's, I had some favorite spots I wanted to show them. We were lucky enough to spend the last two weeks in July, doing just that . Despite the rainy weather, it was a wonderful trip. We flew into Anchorage, rented an SUV and just went. We got to visit with old friends, fish, hike, see gorgeous scenery and wildlife. I took 400-500 pictures, but since my laptop is at the end of its short lifespan, I am not going to risk downloading them until I get another laptop. The kids and Napper really enjoyed the trip. My last visit to Anchorage was in 1989. Like every city, it has changed a lot in the last twenty years. But once you get out of the city, you can't help but be in awe of the breathtaking scenery. One of my favorite things, when I lived there, was the turquoise color of the rivers. I was so excited to get my first glimpse of that and thankful for the sun that day. h and the smells, I had forgotten about the wonderful earthy smells. I could go on and on, it was amazing how twenty years felt like five and I found myself wondering where did that time go.

A couple weeks after our Alaska trip we went to Indiana for my 30 year high school reunion. What a blast. It was so much fun reconnecting with people from my childhood. I felt like I was in the movie "It's a Wonderful Life" going back in time, revisiting my past. It was all very therapeutic and helps me appreciate what a wonderful life I do have. Being that these first few days in September mark the 4th anniversary of my cancer diagnosis, I am feeling particularly blessed and happy.

We are now very content to be homebound. Back to school for Brian and Bonnie. Brian is a freshman in high school this year. Bonnie is in 7th grade. We look forward to an exciting year, with many fun activities.



Thursday, July 9

Good News... July 2009

Wow, it has been along time since I posted anything. Let me take this opportunity to update you on the Curley Clan. We have all been thriving.... enjoying everyday, working hard, having fun, growing and learning. Since my last post we have completed at least half of the trips that I mentioned. We are very much looking forward to our next two trips, (at least I am) a trip to Alaska and to Indiana for my class reunion. I will definitely post some pictures of that.

Recently, we had fun with friends at an action filled 4th of July party. We had lots of laughs. Today I met with my Oncologist. My chest scans show no evidence of disease. The news brings a perma grin to my face. Sometimes I just can't contain my joy... I guess that is okay.

I don't take my health for granted and continue to take a holistic approach to my well being. My intention is to nurture my mind, body and spirit. I have been feeling great. One of the things I have continued to do is meditation. I have included some pictures of some of the lovely places out my back door where I find peace and solitude.

Hope all is well on your journey through life. The trials of my life continue to open up a whole new beautiful way of living and I am enjoying every step.

Thanks for following along.

Peace, Denise

Saturday, February 7

February 7, 2009 - Fun Times in Mexico

We endured seven days of glorious weather, wonderful company, beautiful sites, and much appreciated rest and relaxation. We ended each day with the sound of the ocean and woke to it again each morning. It was a marvelous vacation. Once again the kind people of Puerta Vallarto
warmed our hearts. I have enclosed a few images from our trip, and yes I really photographed the breaching whale. I had told myself that I was not taking anymore pictures of fins, tails etc. We had never seen the whales so active. It was truly awesome.
Now we are back in Kansas City with a full schedule. My skin and lungs are missing the humid air. I do not know how February got so busy, it is usually a pretty quiet time of the year. I have been an exercising maniac these past weeks, and loving every minute of it. I can hardly wait to get off work so that I can go exercise, my energy level has been over the moon. I think my lifestyle changes are finally catching up with me and I am thrilled.
We are looking forward to Napper's 50th birthday celebration on the 25th of this month.
Peace to all,
Love, Denise

Wednesday, January 14

January 13, 2009

Hi All,

I visited with my oncologist for my bi-annual check up yesterday. All is well, my lab work looks great! I will have lab again in six months, along with my, now, yearly CT scan of my chest. It just occurred to me that I have my checkups during my kids birthday months. Well... all the more to celebrate.

Speaking of the January birthday... Brian turned 14 a few days ago. He is such a great kid! We are so proud of him. I just can't get over how much he has changed these past few months. We are blessed. What a great start for this new year.

Best wishes for 2009 and beyond.....

love, Denise

Thursday, January 1

January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! Each year I have taken a special picture of Brian and Bonnie for Christmas. This is the image from this year. It amazes me how much they have changed and grown.... my babies no longer look like babies. We feel so blessed to have these two precious gifts in our lives.

2008 was an uneventful, uncomplicated yet very fulfilling year. We purposely keep our daily lives simple and as stress free as possible. Taking care of ourselves and one another remains a high priority in our family, and a way of life. We have had a ball with our new toy, Wii Fit. It has been a fun way to enjoy time together.

During the past couple months we have had the opportunity to get together with our family and friends. During the Thanksgiving holiday, my sister Dee, brother in-law Mike, and their children, Casey, Allie and Chris, as well as, my parents all joined us for a fun filled weekend.
The following weekend we were the co-host of progressive dinner with friends here in Platte City, and then the following weekend we took our annual trip to Minn. to visit the Curley Clan. We packed a lot in those few weeks, but it was awesome.

2009 holds many plans of fun and travel. Towards the end of January we are meeting my sister and family in Puerto Vallarto , Mexico. Yea!! We are also planning a big trip to Alaska this summer. This has been high on my list of things to do for some time and we fill fortunate to have it in the works. We also plan to travel to Minnesota for a family wedding this summer and will make our annual trek to Mishawaka. I think Napper intends to throw in a 4 day father/son ski trip in the spring, which gives Bonnie and I a good excuse to plan some kind of mother/daughter get away. Life is good!!!

Congrats to my brother Dave and wife Tracy on their new home in Mishawaka. Also a shout out for prayers for my brother Dave as he is recovering from a nasty fall while working on his new house. He spent four hours in surgery this past week repairing his very badly broken arm. Fortunately, it was not his dominate arm.

I am very happy, hopeful and excited about the coming year. Many blessings to you and your family in 2009!!!!

Most Sincerely,


Wednesday, October 29

October 29, 2008


First of all thank you to all who donated to the Touched by Cancer Foundation. Our family, combined with the Mendenhall family raised $3,500 towards the cause and placed in the top "5" in the Hot Legs Competition. The experience was very rewarding, and we look forward to our next fundraiser.

Since my last post, our lives have become more fast-pasted. Brian combined football and soccer this fall. Getting from one practice to the other took some serious organization on the part of Mom & Dad. Of course Bonnie also juggles her activities and that left us going in two different directions a good part of the time. It has been a blast though watching them both grow in their sports and in every other way. They both seem to love middle school this year and they are getting along, with each other, better than ever!

We had our neighborhood halloween party last weekend. Its a whole different ball game now that the kids are older. Not so much family groups, as tweens and teens running around. There was a bit of fright to the evening and alot of fun. We ended up bunking 10 crazy kids for the night. About 3:00am I had to be the wicked witch and put an end to their boundless energy! I knew we would all have a better day with some sleeeeeep.

During the first part of October, I met my sister in Tucson, Az for our third annual girl's weekend. We traveled on to Patagonia, Az and to the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center. It was awesome as always. We hiked, read, meditated, prayed and ate fabulous food. We had not seen each other since Thanksgiving, so it was a nice reunion.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we are hosting the now annual Curley Thanksgiving here in Platte City. I believe my parents are coming, as well as, my sister Dee and her family. My brother Dave and his wife Tracy will be absent, as they are moving into their newly built home in Mishawaka.

This year is a year of milestones in my family. My brother, brother-in-law and my husband will all turn 50 within the next few months. My dad turned 70 this fall and my mother -in law turned 80. Also Napper & I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and my sister and her husband celebrated their 20th this fall.

On November 18th it will be 3 years since I finished my lung cancer treatments. I am still "livingstrong", counting my blessings each and every day and so happy to be here to celebrate the milestones of the people I love. Many blessing to you and yours and for the special milestones in your lives.

Peace be with you,

love, Denise

Thursday, August 21

Touched by Cancer Foundation Fundraiser

Join the 2008 Hot Legs Of KC Fundraising Challenge

We are contestants in a 30 day fundraising challenge to see who can raise the most money for the Touched by Cancer Foundation's Wellness Center.




Wednesday, July 16

July 16th 2008


Time flys. We have been busy this summer. We took two trips in June to visit family. I have included a few pictures from each trip. Our first stop was Mishawaka, Indiana.(my home town) We spent about five days there visiting family and friends. Incredibly, I was able to visit with people I had not seen in 20-30 years, and we still recognized each other. It is such a great feeling to talk to people who knew you when you were growing up. There is something so heartwarming about that for me. Maybe it is because I have lived away from my hometown for so long. There is also a group of friends that I get together with each time we visit and I would not miss that opportunity.

Our yearly visits to Mishawaka have become a tradition for Brian and Bonnie. They really look forward to it and enjoy it. They always want to go up to Lake Michigan and climb up the sand dunes, and other (now familiar spots) like Bonnie Doons, an ice cream/cafe that has been popular in the area for many generations. They also enjoy spending time with their Aunt Tracy and Uncle Dave, as well as Grandpa Case.

After our trip to Indiana, we drove home, spent two days working, then off on our second adventure to Minnesota (Napper's home state), for another five days. Our first stop was a party celebrating nephew Leif's safe homecoming from Iraq. It was a fun outdoor party with lots of laughter amongst family and friends ..complete with games and an award ceremony for Leif.

From there we drove up to Ely, Minnesota (another 5 hours) near the boundary waters. Napper's sister Colleen and brother-in-law Paul have an awesome wooded cabin on the lake. We love being there, it is so peaceful and relaxing with fresh air, the sound of the loons calling as you drift off to sleep. We enjoyed pontooning, fishing, canoeing and just hangin out.

Now back to life in K.C. enjoying a fairly mild summer so far. (heat wise) Both kids are having fun with friends & have started practice for their fall activities. Bonnie with cheerleading and Brian with soccer. Bonnie has her 12th birthday coming up this Thursday and she is very excited about it. We are too!

Napper and I are also enjoying our time at home . Our organic gardening is going well and we have had fabulous lettuce and spinach crops. Our cucumbers and tomatoes will also be abundant and beautiful. I'm thinking we might expand next year, we are getting pretty good at this and I would like to learn more about composting.

My health has been great. I survived the pre-scan jitters and thankfully had good news yesterday with my oncologist. My CTscan of the chest is unchanged from my last exam which was 9 months ago. My blood work looks great. Labor day weekend will mark my three year cancerversary. It has been a journey of faith and hope, and love, and I continue to be in awe of the wonderful people I have in my life and the lovely new people who keep showing up. We all have a story to tell, thanks for caring about mine.

love, denise

Monday, April 14

April 14th, 2008


It has been awhile since I posted. "No news is good news" holds true here. The past few months have been relatively uneventful. We all are ready for spring. The upcoming forecast looks like it might actually be upon us. Hopefully, the freeze last night did not destroy the bulb flowers.

We took a trip to Florida for spring break. We drove...20 hours in the car, there and back. It went really well. The kids had dvds and we had books on tape. I very much enjoyed the scenery through Georgia. We spent a night in a cabin in Warm Springs,Ga. and to get there we were off the freeway for quite a while. It took longer, but really beautiful. We spent a few days in Orlando (very crowded), and then a few days in St.Petersburg. We met up with my sister and her family there. We also were thrilled to get together with my dad and three of his siblings in St. Petersburg. We got to meet Frankie and Helena, grandchildren of my Uncle Bob, for the first time. We departed early Easter Morning after church and got home the following Monday afternoon.

Other than passing the flu bug around the house, we have all been healthy. I have been working four days a week. I will cut back abit when the kids are out for the summer. I have been feeling great, exercising nearly everyday and continuing to follow a raw, vegan diet. I also feel very blessed to have yoga and meditation as a part of my routine. Through the Internet, I have been able to network with other people dealing with cancer and other diseases who also follow the raw, vegan diet. This has been source of tremendous support and inspiration.

We are looking forward to visitors this summer! We also have a trip to Indiana planned in June, as well as, a trip to Minn. for Napper's parents 60th wedding ann.
The next several weeks we will enjoy Brian's soccer games and Bonnie's dance recitals and choir performances. For the most part we keep daily life simple and that suits us perfectly.

Sending lots of love your way. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Love, Denise

Friday, January 25

January 25, 2008


Happy New Year. All has been wonderful at the Curley Household. We had a nice holiday season, abit quieter than usual due to weather cancellations. We took our annual trip to Minn. for the Curley party. It was a quick trip, but lots of fun. We celebrated New Year's Eve with friends at our house.

We recently enjoyed a visit from my brother Dave and sister-in law Tracy. It is always nice to get together and reconnect.

Now settling into a new year. I met with my oncologist this month to review lab work and everything looks good. I will have my next CTscan in July. I feel very good and I have set my sites for 2008 on a new level of health. It is very exciting! This is quite a journey and I am exceedingly happy and grateful to be walking in my shoes.

Best wishes for a happy, healthy new year. Take very very good care of yourselves.

Peace and blessings,

Monday, December 10

Thanksgiving fun

December 10, images

December 10, images

December 10, 2007

  1. Hello all,

    First of all, I would like to thank all of you who made donations to the Bonnie Addario "A Breath Away From a Cure Foundation" I am very grateful. We had a wonderful time at the Lung Cancer Gala. The whole night was very inspiring. It is encouraging to know that there are many people working hard for lung cancer,... but we all know we have a long way to go. Though, I must say, Bonnie Addario and the foundation have made great strides. I had the pleasure of meeting Bonnie at the Gala and I have included a picture of her, with Napper and I. The whole night was lovely, including a beautiful tribute to Dana Reeves, as her father, and sister both spoke. Also there was a tribute to lung cancer survivors... and as we stood, we were given a beautiful silver bracelet engraved with "a breath away". It was very moving. I was also the lucky recipient of a lovely diamond bracelet. Napper had purchased two martini glasses, each with a chosen #. We picked the lucky # 42 and it won!!! I will treasure both of these beautiful bracelets.

    The rest of our trip was also fabulous, as Bruce and Jeanne, Napper's business partners, had several action packed days. We took a bus tour of the city, which concluded in Sausalito, where we had lunch and took a ferry back to San Francisco. We spent a couple days in Napa and concluded our trip back in San Francico with Beach Blanket Babylon, a long standing musical. The kids and I also had the opportunity to get to the beach, at Half Moon Bay, during a meeting day for Napper. I have included a picture of that as well.

    Our Thanksgiving holiday was awesome, as we had the O'Connells (my sister and family) and my dad here for the celebration. It was a nice relaxing, fun time. Now we are enjoying a visit with my mom. The weather has been a bit of a nuisance with freezing rain, but we still managed to get out for a little shopping and our annual viewing of The Nutcracker. As always, it was a special time, and I feel very blessed to be here to participate.

    I have been busy getting xmas portraits processed and decorating our house for the holiday, it has all been a joy!!! I would not trade one minute of one day. Brian has been busy with his friends and indoor soccer. Bonnie has been to many rehearsals recently for her xmas choir performance, as well as, dance and ballet. Napper keeps it all running smoothly!!

    Best wishes for a wonderful holiday.

    Blessings to all, Denise

Thursday, November 1

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

Trick or Treat? What a great holiday. I had the pleasure, last night, of walking around with my kids and their friends trick or treating. What was particularly interesting was one of the girls was from China. Her mom and grandfather walked with me. Her mother explained that she was trying to explain to her father what halloween was about. As I watched his enjoyment of the exchange between trick or treaters and generous donors, I too looked on with fresh appreciation of the kind and caring interactions that took place. It is truly a one of the many nice traditions we have in this country.

As some of you may know, November, not only holds the lovely tradition of Thanksgiving, but it is also Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Lung cancer is the most deadly cancer, yet also the most underfunded. As a lung cancer survivor, I would like to help change, not only that statistic, but also the stigma that goes along with lung cancer. As I mentioned before I am attending a lung cancer benefit in SanFrancisco next week. The sponsor of the benefit is The Bonnie J. Addario A BREATH AWAY FROM THE CURE FOUNDATION. If you would like to help me in this cause please go to There is a wealth of information on the web page and at the top right corner there is an opportunity to donate.

Thank you so much for all your support.

Peace, Denise

Thursday, October 11

October 11, 2007

It's autumn and I love it. We have a high of 61 degrees in KC today. Last night it got down to 37 degrees. Last time I wrote I mentioned that my sister Dee and I were going on a retreat to Arizona. Well we had a great time. The focus was on spiritual growth. It was very inspiring. We enjoyed wonderfully prepared raw, vegan food each meal. We spent time hiking, reading, and learning. We had the opportunity to attend daily yoga classes and nightly prayer and meditation sessions.
We hope to be able to incorporte what we learned into our daily lives. Sometimes that is difficult in this fast, convenients oriented society in which we live.

All is well in the Curley household. We have been enjoying the Friday night high school football games & watching the kids activities. Bonnie with dance and cheerleading and Brian with soccer. Napper and I will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary this month. We plan to take an afternoon off and go to the plaza, have lunch, do a little shopping, and just hang out. There is a wonderful vegan rest. there that we both love.

As for me, I am terrific. I continue to feel great. I had a CT scan of my chest yesterday with good results. I do have scar tissue in both my upper right and upper left lungs but that is to be expected. I also have a morning cough, but once I clear the fluid collection to the scarred areas, I am pretty much cough free the rest of the day. I am working 3-4 days per week and just loving life. I continue to feel extremely blessed and thankful.

We are looking forward to our trip in November to San Francisco. Napper's business partner and his family have many exciting things planned for us. The kids are also excited. They HAVE been to California, but they were too little to remember. So it will be a new adventure for them.

Love and many blessing to you all,


Wednesday, September 5

September 5, 2007


Labor day weekend holds a different significance since my cancer diagnosis. This weekend marked two years. Last year we celebrated this anniversary by planting a tree in our back yard. We plan to do the same this year. I am hoping in 20 years we will have a forest!! Thank you for your prayers.

Love, Denise

Wednesday, August 22

August 22, 2007


Man is it hot... and humid. We are getting a new roof today and thankfully there is a nice breeze to keep the roofers somewhat cool. It sounds like the heat is here to stay for awhile.

We are doing great. We have all had a good summer. The kids started back to school last week and they were both happy to go. Brian is in 7th grade this year and Bonnie is in 5th. The weekend before school we went to Branson with friends and the kids had a great time running around Silver Dollar City (Amusement Park), and tubing on Table Rock Lake.

Napper & I put alot of energy this summer preparing for our church ice cream social. This is a yearly fund raiser for our church. The actual event was August 5th and thankfully was very successful.

In July we had a wonderful trip to Minnesota. We enjoyed visiting with the Curley Clan. We were thrilled to see two of our nephews, Scott and Nic, safely home from Iraq. Napper & I went to the Michael Buble Concert while there and loved it.

My health has been fabulous. My energy level is excellent. I continue without treatment. I have been wanting to do something to help raise money for lung cancer, but until recently had not found an organization that truly inspired me. Through "Care Pages" I have found, The Bonnie Addario Lung Cancer Foundation. They "truly" inspire me. In November Napper and I are going to San Francisco to attend a benefit dinner to raise money for lung cancer. Dana Reeve's sister,and son will speak at the event. I hope to come back educated and prepared to raise money for this largely underfunded disease.

In a couple weeks my sister and I are going to Azizona. We will go to a center to learn more about the nutrition plan we both follow. We have both been studying and practicing this way of eating. Basically we follow a raw, organic, vegan diet. We are very committed to this and I truly believe that it is the best way to keep my immune system strong. I am really looking forward to our trip and the time together.

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. We are very blessed.

Blessing to you,